Scott Ryan – Executive Chef

Angel Flores, Ruben Reyes, Carlos Chacon – Sous Chefs

Dalo De La Paz Pastry Chef

Having grown up cooking alongside their mom in Chicago, it’s no wonder, really, that Dalo De La Paz and his two older brothers all became chefs.  He knew by the time he was fourteen that he had found his calling.

Entering cooking school right after high school graduation, he spent the next eight years working in some of the best Italian restaurants Chicago had to offer. It was during those years that he honed his skills in hors d’oeuvre and savories. When he got the opportunity to move to Hawaii, he found work at the renowned Four Seasons Hotel, and it was there that he first became intrigued with the world of pastries. Dalo went on to work for the Four Seasons as Pastry Chef in a total of five locations: Maui, Kona, Las Vegas, Puerto Vallarta and Washington, D.C.

Chef Dalo subsequently owned Sweet and Savory Pastries/Patisserie Lille in Herndon, Virginia where he created a shop that was truly something special…Many of Chef Dalo’s recipes are more European in nature – less sugary than American versions, and with unique flavor pairings such as chocolate and ginger. He is prepared to adapt recipes for special dietary needs.

At the Tabard Inn, Chef Dalo is excited to offer an eclectic array of desserts that you will find simply elegant, but most of all…..delicious!

*2007 Five-Diamond Award Winning Pastry Chef

*Formerly 15 years at the Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts worldwide

*Pastry Chef Instructor at L’Academie de Cuisine in Maryland.  Chef Dalo has made a special guest appearance on the Food Network’s “Follow That Food” and was  featured on Cooking Channel’s “Best In Chow.”